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BFCSAE0802 Inline Body 3/8" Bspp Ports
Inline Body 3/4"UNF Cartride3/8" Bspp Ports..
C86100001E Knurled Filler Breather 1/2" Bspp
Knurled Filler Breather with Vane 1/2" Bspp..
CM04M0000 M/Lever 2 Position w/Microswitch
Manual Lever 2 Position with Microswitch..
E36100001 Coupling B14-71Fr 14mm
Coupling B14-71Fr Electric Motor Half 14mm..
E36100002 Coupling B14-80Fr 19mm
Coupling B14-80Fr Electric Motor Half 19mm..
E36100003 Coupling B14-90Fr 24mm
Coupling B14-90Fr Electric Motor Half 24mm..