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Hydraulic Motors

Hydraulic Motors
Hydraulic Motors
Timalco Hydraulics stock and supply a large selection of Hydraulic Motors. The selection includes a comprehensive range of Low Speed High Torque Motors(Geroter & Geroler). The BMM, BMP, BMR and BMS type motors are available with various displacements, shafts and mounting flanges. These hydraulic motors are all stocked with BSPP or UN o'ring ports. The hydraulic gear motors are available in Group 2 and 3, SAE A and B. These are also available with various options, including a range of displacements, shafts, mounting flanges and porting. Our HA2F high pressure, fixed displacement, Bent Axis Piston Motors are available in different displacements and are suitable for open or closed circuits. Timalco Hydraulics also offer a range of Hydraulic Brakes and Gear Boxes

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BK2-1-430-C-C Disc Brake 430NM
Disc Brake 1"Keyed Input, 1" Straight Keyed Output, 430NM..
BK2-1-430-E-B Disc Brake 430NM
Disc Brake 1" 6B Splined Input, 32mm Straight Keyed Output, 430NM..
BK2-1-430-G-G Disc Brake 430NM
Disc Brake 1 1/4" Str Keyed Input, 1 1/4" Straight Keyed Output, 430NM..
Gear Box 3.65 Ratio, 1" 6B splined Input, 50mm straight Keyed Output Shaft..