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Hydraulic Pumps

Hydraulic Pumps
Timalco Hydraulics supply a comprehensive range of Single and Mulitiple Hydraulic Pumps which include fixed and variable displacement.

The HA10V 280 Bar rated Variable Piston pumps are available with various displacements and controller options including Load Sense, Pressure Compensated, Torque Limiting(horsepower) and remote pilot. The through drive option makes this an extremely versatile high pressure pump.

The V10, V20 and VQ Vane pumps have a large range of displacements and options and are interchangeable with major brands.

Timalco Hydraulics stock a huge range of high pressure Gear pumps. The Group 1, Group 2 and Group 3 sizes are available in single and multiple. The Group 2 and 3 versions are standard with cast iron ends for higher pressure. They are stocked with many different options - shafts, flanges and ports. Timalco also supply these pumps in SAE A SAE B and SAE C again with many options. The multiple pumps are connected with a fine splined adaptor for larger torque transfer to the rear pumps.

Our single and double acting hand pumps are available in different displacements. There are various size tanks available or we do offer a tankless version. with a tank or , single or double acting 

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HPTD-45 Hand Pump 45cc
Hand Pump 45cc Double Acting No Tank or Lever..
HPTD1-2-1 Hand Pump Assy 12cc
Hand Pump Assy 12cc Double Acting 2Lt Tank..
HPTD2-2-1 Hand Pump Assy 25cc
Hand Pump Assy 25cc Double Acting 2Lt Tank..
HPTD3-2-1 Hand Pump Assy 45cc
Hand Pump Assy 45cc Double Acting 2Lt Tank..
V10-1S2S-1C20R Vane Pump 6.6cc
V10 Vane Pump 6.6cc Straight Keyed Shaft..
V10-1S3S-1C20R Vane Pump 9.8cc
V10 Vane Pump 9.8cc Straight Keyed Shaft..
V10-1S4S-1C20R Vane Pump 13.1cc
V10 Vane Pump 13.1cc Straight Keyed Shaft..
V10-1S5S-1C20R Vane Pump 16.4cc
V10 Vane Pump 16.4cc Straight Keyed Shaft..
V10-1S6S-1C20R Vane Pump 19.5cc
V10 Vane Pump 19.5cc Straight Keyed Shaft..
V10-1S7S-1C20R Vane Pump 22.8cc
V10 Vane Pump 22.8cc Straight Keyed Shaft..
V20-1S10S-1C10R Vane Pump 30cc
V20 Vane Pump 30cc Straight Keyed Shaft..
V20-1S11S-1C10R Vane Pump 36.4cc
V20 Vane Pump 36.4cc Straight Keyed Shaft..
V20-1S13S-1C10R Vane Pump 42.4cc
V20 Vane Pump 42.4cc Straight Keyed Shaft..
V20-1S6S-1C10R Vane Pump 19.5cc
V20 Vane Pump 19.5cc Straight Keyed Shaft..
V20-1S7S-1C10 Vane Pump 22.8cc
V20 Vane Pump 22.8cc Straight Keyed Shaft..