Hydraulic Industrial Valves

Hydraulic Industrial Valves
Cetop Directional Valves
Timalco Hydraulics stock a huge range of Cetop 3, Cetop 5, Cetop 7 and Cetop 8 Solenoid operated directional Valves. This versatile product is supplied complete with bolts and LED type Din Plugs in various configurations. Different spool configurations and voltages are available. These valves mount directly to the standard cetop manifolds and subplates and interchange with major brands. A very cost effective alternative.

We also offer the Soft Switch Solenoid Operated Directional Valves for the cetop 3 and cetop 5

Cetop Modular Valves
Cetop modular valves are available in many different configurations. Modular Relief Valves, Lock Valves, Flow Controls Valves and Modular Check valves are just a few that are available.

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